Monday, January 12, 2009

Cone 6 Oxidation to Reduction

Since settling into the Craven's old place, I'm eagerly making the return to the cone 10 reduction glazes of my college years. For the past 8 or so years, I've been firing electric to cone 6. I really like the cone 6 clay body I use for my garden pots, and their size limits me to one per glaze fire (they must be on the top shelf). Obviously I can fire many more at once in the gas kiln, and although I know I can still fire oxidation, I'm somewhat addicted to reduction firing. However, I'm in unchartered territory when it comes to reduction at cone 6. My base glaze is a Ca Mg B Val Cushing glaze, V.C. "72" which is pretty interesting in oxidation. I'm willing to take a chance, but I'd hate to screw up an entire load if this is something I should avoid. Any thoughts? Does anyone even do reduction at cone 6?



Judy Shreve said...

You should look at John Britt's article in last months Ceramic Monthly -- all on ^6 reduction.

John Britt said...


Just start your reduction at cone 010 like in your normal firing. I can send recipes if you need them and you should check out this site:

Called Glaze Cone 6 Redcution:

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Art Department Store said...

Oooh that sounds good--thanks for this helpful thread

Art Department Store said...

Tried to post on that and the say you must join first--I will go to site and checkit

rox said...

Hi! I am the moderator for the Google cone six site... all you have to do is tell me enough to convince me you aren't just going to spam the group and YOU ARE IN! Just do whatever google says to join and I am easy.... but those two spammers lately made mw a little cautious. I will go and check membership requests: I have been to Utah and now back in may be missing some! Rox