Sunday, January 4, 2009


That almost balmy day yesterday (and another today) enabled me to comfortable clean all my kiln shelves and sweep out the bottom of the kiln. Next I have to remove the bag wall and clean out the firebox and rebuild the bag wall. That will probably be in a few days since today's time is spoken for. This week is filled with dog groomer and doctor appointments as a food shopping and an early dinner trip to the Tapas restaurant in Asheville so studio time is going to have to be squeezed in when possible.

I found another bowl of soda/salt test tiles so I'll have to finish that cataloging project today and maybe have time to throw some more test tiles. Once I get the new compressor working I'll have to make a die for the extruder for test tiles.

I got a new you tube video up last night. It's a quick, jerky tour of my little gallery space. Forgive my beginner film maker clumsiness! :-(. Actually, it looked better uploaded to my computer and something strange happened between the upload, making it into a video and then getting it uploaded to you tube. There are weird pauses in there that are not in the original clip. This was is part of my first try with the new Flip video cam. Now I have to learn to shoot slower since this camera makes what you're shooting go blurry if you scan too fast; but it is sure a handy little toy.

Here's the URL for the Gallery video:

Hit the "play in HD" link at the bottom right of the screen for best picture quality.

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