Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thanks, John Britt!

Thanks John, for a great glaze workshop! It was amazing and overwhelming at the same time, with some John Britt flavored entertainment mixed in! I have been successfully converted into a glaze geek now and I just want to learn more! Bring it on, Grandpa! I'm excited about a second test run of the new cute soda kiln. I think I'm hearing soda kiln workshop?


Art Department Store said...

If ever you see S Feagin and tell her the midwesterners made me join
The Wood Firing Exchange
She will laugh from now til the cows come home.
It is all Dan Anderson's fault, via Kurt Brian Webb.

John Britt said...

Thanks to Joy for helping me build the kiln and Will for the final push! We got er done!


ang design said...

stunning shot..hope some good tests came out.