Thursday, January 8, 2009

Experimental Soda Kiln Building

Joy Tanner and I have been working the last several days building this Experimental Soda Kiln for the Glaze Workshop that starts Monday, January 12, 2009. We are almost done.
Got the kiln set in place, with the help of Matt Aders and Keynon. We cast it inside because it was so cold and did not want it to freeze. So I have a heater inside it tonight, with blankets and hope all is well tomorrow.
Then the fiber, top coat, and chimney and we should be a go,
John Britt


ang design said...

looking good john, what did you use as the castable materials?

Kyle Carpenter said...

i need one of these.
how many bags of castable did that arch take? what do you think the total cost is for the kiln?

June Perry said...

John, it looks great!!! I want one! :-)

See you later!

Clay Club said...

It's cuuute!

Nora Thomas said...

I want one, too! And I want to come to a soda workshop. I think
you're on to something. AGAIN!


Shane Mickey said...

nice baby kiln, cant wait to see her take off!, and to all those who are interested in building soda kilns, penland is offering just that in april, shameless self plug here as i am running the class, we will build a crossdraft soda kiln make pots and fire it twice.
shane mickey

Marian Parkes said...

Nora, I'll see you there!


John Britt said...

Yo Clubbers,

I am wiped out trying to get all this done in time for our glaze class starting Monday so I will post again.

Maybe Joy will post the latest photo?


Art Department Store said...

I just gave S Mickey tumblers as Xmas gifts--they liked them a lot