Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clay Residency at Energy Xchange

Clay residency available as early as February 2010.  Other  residencies in glass and clay will be available in Fall 2010.

Please call or email for up-to-date info and requirements
Craft residencies at EnergyXchange are intended to enable artists who have completed their schooling and training to move into a fully equipped professional shared studio space at reasonable cost. Applicants should intend to earn their living through the sale of their work. EnergyXchange provides a common gallery space, a charge card terminal, individual office space, use of computers with high-speed Internet, fax and copier, and approximately 5000 visitors to the site each year.
EnergyXchange provides business classes in collaboration with one or more of our partners. Other benefits include close proximity to Penland School of Crafts and Asheville NC, as well as a large and vital community of craft artists. Housing is not provided by EnergyXchange.
Potters and glassblowers are offered the opportunity to share fully equipped studios. Furnaces and kilns are powered primarily with landfill gas at no cost to the resident artists. The residency period is renewable yearly for a maximum of three years.

The clay studio accommodates four potters and provides two electric kilns and a high-fire reduction kiln as well as normal studio equipment. Potters are expected to have their own wheel. The monthly rental fee per potter is $230. The glass studio accommodates two glassblowers and provides normal studio equipment. The monthly rental cost per person is $460. Utilities within each studio are charged on a shared basis.

Heather Dawes, Executive Director
66 EnergyXchange Drive,
Burnsville, NC 28714


klineola said...

Heather Dawes is no longer the director at the Energy Xchange. But you can contact Dan Asher, the new director. This is his email address,

Lindsay Rogers said...

And feel free to contact any of the the residents if you want our opinions/thoughts! :)