Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Studio Liquidation 2010

For Sale

From Herb Cohen: I am closing down my studio and selling all my equipment and supplies. I have listed the retail price and /the asking price. Contact me in Blowing Rock NC at 828-2957246, cofustu2@bellsouth.net

The following equipment is for sale:
3 ware carts, 6'x 3'x 26" with 9 racks ea. w/wood shelves. $415 each/$150 each
1 Randall wheel w/electric attachment, 1 metal mold for 12" bats, 2 extra switches for motor, 2 extra rubber wheels for motor, 1 flat steel wheel head, 1 wheel head for bats, 49 plaster bats for free. Retail price unavailable/ $350
1 Venco pug mill, extrudes 4" dia., mounted on sturdy wooden stand, plus table to receive extruded clay. I have been using Highwater's Phoenix clay which is still in the mill and would have to be cleaned out. Retail unavailable/ $1800
1 spray gun and compressor - $165/ $80
2 banding wheels, 12" dia. - $89/ $50 each
Ohaus triple beam scale, 2610 capacity - $145/ $75
Weight set, 2-1000 grams and 1-500 gr. $35/ $20
1 50+ cubic ft. gas car kiln modeled after a Minnesota flat top, 2 burner. Used shelves furniture and stainless steel chimney extension included for free. Buyer needs to dismantle the kiln. $2000.00

There is also a two page list of chemicals and clays.

Interested members may email Deb at library@craftguild.org and she will email the complete list to them or call Herb.

John Britt

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