Friday, March 26, 2010

Mino Shino Recipe

Here is a Jim Robinson teabowl. He generoulsy sent a note to explain the glaze:

Take either the Mino or Snowcap and add 10 red iron to the base , glaze thickly and then coat heavily with the white base ( Making sure to use the same base) Finger comb while top glaze coat is still wet.   You can try loading up base glaze with ochres, barnard slip, yellow or black iron, etc. Each one will register a different iron response. Snowcap generates a "redder" response; Mino a more golden color. You must use a fine (325 ) mesh alumina  or even a blend of calcined  (325) and coarse(150mesh) Hydrate. Georgies in Portland has a good current source for the fine material if you have any trouble locating a source.

Mino Shino cone 10
60 Nepheline Syenite
10 Spodumene
30 Alumina oxide (A-12)

3.6 Bentonite

Snow Cap Shino cone 10

85 Nepheline Syenite
15 Alumina oxide (A-12)

2.1 Bentonite


John Britt


Marian Parkes said...

For locals, the alumina oxide on the shelf at Highwater is 325 mesh even though it doesn't say that. They have 100 mesh, but it isn't bagged up and on the shelf out in the store.

Just FYI...

John Britt said...



Bearsbearsbears said...

I want to sink my teeth into those whites!

Any chance these would work at cone 6? is a .932 KNa &/or .944 LiKNa enough to melt such high AlSi at cone 6?

Togeika said...

John, I tried this with Mino and it is great!

John Britt said...

Rock on Lee. Thanks to Jim Robinson!

Togeika said...

I'll try it with Whitecap next. It uses less Alumina Oxide.
I remember when Tony Clennel got back from Japan and looking at Ken Matzuzaki's shinos. He made a nice basket and said he remembered some old shino in the basment. It was at paste stage. I think he took a rag and mopped it on the handled basket and his result was very similar to Ken's and other's thick applied Shinos. I will test this next firing. I have Custer crushed to 30mesh I will put into some of the shino paste. I'll put a base of 10% iron shino on, and then trowel thick shino on.

Cambria Pottery said...

I want to try it also thanks for encouraging info

John Britt said...

Great! Let me know.

Cambria Pottery said...

Super interesting please post all results.