Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clennell Shino

        Cone 10 Reduction

39.00    Nepheline Syenite                                     
  9.00    F-4 Feldspar
17.00     EPK Kaolin
13.00    Kentucky Ball Clay             
  6.00    Shale                                   
16.00    Soda Ash   

Actually Tony and Sheila's Shino was one of the nicest all around shino we tested in the last batch. I will try to find an image,

John Britt


Unknown said...

Where does one get shale or what would a decent sub be?

John Britt said...

Yo Lee,

I get mine on a road cut in Johnson City TN, but you could just use redart.

Sandra McHarg said...

Old post I've just caught up on... Shales are fascinating in their variation, mostly being similar to clay in composition but having different oxides present indicated by their colour. I've tries a yellow shale as a glaze additive changing the base glaze from a glossy translucent to a stiffish opaque pale green in reduction (+10% shale). Another shale, grey this time, produced a chun when I substituted it for the kaolin, iron & manganese oxides in a translucent mid-green glaze. I've also seen red and purplish shales (manganese bearing perhaps?), white shale and shales with visible hematite crystals imbedded, all of which would be wonderful fun to experiment with when I can find the time.

John Britt said...


Thanks for the post,