Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Containment...A Group Exhibition of Ceramic Boxes

Crimson Laurel Gallery
April 1 –
May 31
Artist Reception: Saturday April 10th 6pm

The idea of an exhibition of boxes is not a new one by any means. It is, however, an important one for the ceramic art collector. It is an opportunity to participate in a collecting tradition that has very deep roots. Ceramic art boxes have been collected and coveted throughout the centuries. From ancient Egypt to modern times the lure of a lidded vessel seems to reach across cultural and geographical boundaries. Their almost seductive nature invites us to question what is concealed, everyday objects, or someone’s most cherished memories.

For this exhibition we have invited select artists from across the country to interpret the box form. Each artist will bring to the project his or her own distinct method of surface design and construction. We invite you to consider the possibilities of this timeless art form and what might be contained within.

Participating artists include Leanne Ash, William Baker, Hayne Bayless, Nicholas Bivins, Jason Burnett, Melisa Cadell, Kyle Carpenter, Julie Covington, David Crane, Susan Fagan, Marty Fielding, Becca Floyd, Erik Haagensen, Kent Harris, Bryan Hopkins, Shawn Ireland, Peter Karner, Ani Kasten, Jennifer Kincaid, Jeff Kleckner, Michael Kline, Eric Knocke, Ryan McKerley, Brooke Noble, Ronan Kyle Peterson, Rob Pulleyn, Emily Reason, Lindsay Rogers, Jenny Lou Sherburne, Liz Summerfield, Joy Tanner and Jerilyn Virden.

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Anonymous said...

The first photo above: who ever the artist made those boxes, they look just like Maren Kloppmann's work...that's amazing