Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Copper Red

Here is a Copper Red Tea Bowl.  It is one dip of Easy Red and one dip of Daly Red with Titania and thin coat of Easy Red over. Fired in cone 10 Reduction R1 Cycle on Helios porcelain.

Easy Red cone 10 reduction

40.30 NC-4 Feldspar
14.80 Nepheline Syenite
10.70 Gerstley Borate
10.70 Whiting
  6.70 Spodumene
16.0 Silica
  1.5 Bentonite

  0.30 Copper Carbonate
  1.00 Tin Oxide
  0.10 Red Iron Oxide

Daly Red with Titanium cone 10 reduction

35.00 Nepheline Syenite
15.00 Whiting
27.00 Silica
17.00 Frit 3110
  2.00 Zinc Oxide
  1.00 Bone Ash
  3.00 Talc

 0.50 Copper Carbonate
 1.50 Tin Oxide
 3.00 Titanium Doixide

John Britt


ang said...

mmm looks just like my flambe glaze, nice to see mr daly making an appearance..

AK art said...

Oh that turned out gorgeous! I have horrible luck with my copper red

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
you have whiting 15 and than again with 2% is that correct? If not could you please specify what the 2 should be.

John Britt said...

Fixed it . Zinc Oxide . Thanks for alerting me.

Anonymous said...

Totally new to this blog....
Tony Clennel suggested I give this a try..
I am looking for a Raku white glaze that will give me a nice LARGE crackle. I have tried several book recipes but so far not successfully. I would appreciate any or all suggestions......

Thanks! Fransie

John Britt said...

Fransie, I posted the Raku.


Marian said...
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