Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dry Rot Glaze

Dry Rot cone 05
40.0 EPK
10.0 Frit 3110
10.0 Soda Ash
10.0 F-4 Feldspar
10.0 Magnesium Carbonate
  5.0 Lithium Carbonate
  3.0 Barium Carbonate
  2.0 Silica

0.2 % Chrome Oxide
0.2% Copper Oxide


Acácia said...

Excellent results, as always! Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to make white glaze as beads at 1250 º C (electric)? (Like those that are in the photos back of your book...)
I tried a few times but only get right effect at gas, cone 10.

John Britt said...

Yes, you can get that at any temp. may have to soak it a bit. What cone are you after?

Acácia said...

At the eletric kiln I usually fire at cone 8 (1250ºC or 2282ºF). When you say that I may have to soak a bit, are you referring about the final temp? I usually use 10 min soak at the end of firing. Thanks for answer!