Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedging Boy

Kari wrote:

I Google "wedging boy" and found this quote:

"some plate-makers even require their boys to what is called wedge their clay, which is a very laborious process, and consists in lifting large lumps of clays, and throwing them forcibly down on a hard surface, to free it from air and render it more compact. These boys are usually thin and pale, and frequently suffer from pulmonary and digestive diseases. Sickness prevails among them extensively."

 Call Wedging Boy 1-800- WEDGE ME

Wedging boy does so much more than wedge!


From the Earth said...

I'm not a member of your club, but I'm thinking of moving my clay studio from Montana and joining!

Do you think Wedge Boy would work for multiple potters?


John Britt said...

Wedging Boy wants to help anyway he can!

christy said...

I'm interested in Wedging Boy's other talents.."wedging boy does so much more than wedge!"

christy said...
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Dan Finnegan said...

My favorite pottery job title is 'sagger maker's bottom knocker'. Is this, perhaps, his other skill?

Emily Reason said...

That's great Kari. I love that you googled it. Although my ideal Wedging Boy is physically fit.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

Can I see a picture of his biceps?