Friday, August 6, 2010

Early work

I was asked to give a presentation on my work for Wyndham Cultural Centre, (Werribee, Australia), for the August arts Festival. Digging into old albums going back to the 70's I found a few pics of pots from my early exhibitions. Can't believe I've been making pots for nearly 40 years. Here are a couple of eexamples. Sorry about the black and white. They are pre-digital. All are largish platters from 1978-82. Does anyone else have images of their work from that era to share? My studio is in Victoria Australia. Regards to all, Steve


rox said...


I just love that you put a pot in your image on the platter. And your nudes....makes me want to try some!!!! Rox PS: Where are you located?

Stephen Fletcher said...

Thanks' Rox. I'm in rural Victoria about 2 hours west of Melbourne. I'm also a former teacher. Thanks for your comments.