Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The other day while firing our kiln we heard a loud pop and saw sparks coming out of the middle box and smoke! The kiln stopped working! :( If there is anyone out there who knows of a good kiln repair guy Tzadi and Tria would love to meet him! Thank you! :)


Anonymous said...

sounds like your switch shorted out, if its computerized there is still a switch per se in there.

Suzanne said...

I dont know where you are located at but Dave at All Fired Up in Charlotte has helped me with a lot of answers to my questions over the telephone. I always order my parts thru him because they are cheaper and he tells me how to install them. http://pottery-kilns.com/

sculptedelementdesign said...

We actually fixed the problem yesterday evening! Turns out that the pilot light wire was touching metal!!!!! My fingers are crossed firing the kiln today!

Kiln Repair said...

I hope everything went ok! You guys must be crafty to fix your own kilns!