Friday, August 20, 2010

Black and Blue

And another "discovery" from the Glazing Techniques Class.  Alan Perlof (California) found this combination.  Val's Satin Balck with Nuka sprayed on the cup which was upside down.  We all thought it would run but to our surprise!! Best cup ever!

Val’s Satin Black  cone 10
20.00 g. -Soda Feldspar
20.00 g. –Cornwall Stone
  2.00 g.- Whiting
20.0 g. – Silica
10.00 g –Ball Clay
13.00 g –Talc
15.00g -  Dolomite

3.00 Red Iron Oxide
2.00 Manganese Dioxide
3.00 Cobalt Oxide
1.00 Chrome Oxide

NUKA cone 10 (From, Michael Coffee via Marian Parkes)
Custer Feldspar    36.00
Quartz   30.00
Whiting   22.00
OM-4   6.00
Wood Ash (unwashed)   3.00 or Frit 3134
Talc   2.00
Bone Ash   2.00

Notes: This a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a Creamy White with low gloss to satiny finish. Good over tenmoku, will run if applied too thick over thick tenmoku.


shyrabbit said...

Wow!...really nice blue, who would have thought. Thanks for this and all your other postings John a great resource.

John Britt said...


Thank you for the Nuka and all your postings!

Marian said...

Michael, it also looks good over Oribe, getting a nice blue with a purple mottling.

Nuka may be my new favorite glaze. I may try it over a copper red next time.....


shyrabbit said...

Glad I can contribute...It's fun to sit back and see the results of all your work. Thanks for that.