Thursday, September 30, 2010

Haulin' Ass & a pretty Amber Celadon

Here's what 3 weeks of hauling ass to fill a kiln looks like. The photo just doesn't do my aching wrists justice :(

A while ago I inherited a hefty stock of old glaze materials. The Albany Slip and super-bright yellow ochre I used, really made a difference in the Amber Celadon recipe i've used for years.


Michael Kline said...

Yea, watch those wrists. My are pretty sore, now, too. But good for you to be hauling ass, instead of hauling garbage! \m/

I used to used yellow ochre, but now yellow iron oxide is the shizzznit for my amber!

Linda Starr said...

that's a beautiful amber.

Lindsay Rogers said...

wow. You go girl! ... and that amber is just lovely. ;)

Courtney Martin said...

lookin' great emily! you rock!

Benjamin said...

I have one of your mugs and love the amber celedon on it. The amber celedon that I have tried in the past doesn't have nearly as much depth and, when put on thicker, tends to run a lot. Would you mind sharing the recipe that you use?