Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monster Bee

Anyone know what kind of bee this is?  It looks like more than a standard Bumble Bee or Carpenter Bee.

It  landed on Cheryl as she sat eating her curds and whey.

John Britt


Marian said...

I think it's a bumble bee. A big one.

Hoosier Mama Now said...

golden northern bumble bee?

or maybe it's a queen of some species??

John Britt said...

I think Lori might be right:

Lori wrote:
"Looks like it could be a "Robber Fly" which is a Bee Mimic. See this youtube video;"

Anonymous said...

My Carpenter bees are black, and fly slowly around saying bzzzzz bzzzzzz and don't sting. The yellow striped guy looks like a California Bumblebee to me.
They're not very ballistic.
blog on!

Terry Rorison said...

No, no no! You've all got it wrong. It's a group of gnats dressed up in costume for the premier of "Lord of the Flies"! That is the insect world equivalent of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Most original costume gets a particularly rancid banquet and the use of Army ants for a whole day. We know so little about our own species, let alone the insect world.

John Britt said...

Now I am scared ....for your mental health! ; )

Terry Rorison said...

My mental health is fine. My imaginary twin just told me so!

Brad Worden said...

Yes, it is a fly (bee mimic). You can tell by its eyes and by the fact it only has 1 pair of wings (1 on each side). Bees have 2 sets of wings. Pretty cool mimic.

John Britt said...

Nice info Brad.