Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Kiln Door

I'm pretty stoked (no pun intended) to have fellow Marshall potter Matt Kelleher building this sweet soda kiln on the river-side kiln pad here at Marshall High Studios. The door hangs from a barn door track, to slide open and shut. This steel frame will be lined with fiberboard and soft brick, which will be mortared together and also held in place with welding rod feed through the frame & brick.


Kyle Carpenter said...

nice soda ports too

John Britt said...


mikpo said...

How do you snug the door up to the kiln face?


Emily Reason said...

I think he'll have some sort of latch

Stefan Andersson said...

I would like to see the door finished. With any latches or whatever showing.
Would be great to have the door like that.