Saturday, February 5, 2011

Etymology or Fish Sauce

We had a question on the origin of the term "fish sauce" as it is used in pottery- a white slip.

Tony Clennell replied:

Every one in Utah (University of Utah)  seemed to eat fish sauce with their fish which
was a 50/50 mixture of ketchup and mayo. 

We used a fish sauce dipping slip in the wood kiln that was, if I remember correctly, 

Fish Sauce:
50 Redart 
50 Kaolin 

(I threw a hand full of nep sy just because!)

Hope this explains fish sauce.


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Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks...I had just about decided it just "looked" like sauce for fish, which is interesting cause you have to stir it to get it thin enough to spread. I do like it on green ware though.