Pete's Red Orange Glaze Recipe

Pete's Red-Orange cone 10           
47.30   Nepheline Syenite
27.50   Silica
9.30     Whiting
14.20   Gerstley Borate
1.70     Zinc Oxide
0.35     Copper Carbonate
1.00     Tin Oxide


Hi John- Do you have a pic of this? I'm looking for a red-orange glaze that picks up black spots when used on an iron-bearing clay. Does this do that, or is it a solid, opaque color? Thanks.
John Britt said…

Don't have a picture right now..maybe later?

But it doesn't do that. It is pretty opaque.

You might try :
Thanks, John. That might be worth testing. That recipe spawned another question though - I did not know there was such a thing as Mag Carb light. I've just always seen and bought Mag Carb. What's the diff?
John Britt said…

I think heavy mag. carb. has 4 water while light has 3. For our purposes I think?? that they are essentially the same. I think I get mag. carb. from Highwater and it is the light.