Sunday, July 29, 2012

Glaze Workshop near Rochester NY

Understanding Glazes and Firing

Folk Art Guild of Rochester NY

August 3 -5, 2012
Course Description
This workshop will be a general overview of ceramic glazes, focusing on but not limited to cone 10 reduction. It is designed for beginner to intermediate potters. We will discuss cones, kilns, firing dynamics and principles as well as applying those principles to various firing cycles. This will lead us into some basic classifications of glazes, like shino, copper reds, ash, celadon, temmoku, oil spots, etc. We will discuss how and why each type of glaze works and how you can achieve them. We will also fire a cone 10 reduction firing for celadons, shinos and copper reds.
For more information contact Annie:
  • 1445 Upper Hill Road

    Middlesex, NY 14507



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