Saturday, July 28, 2012

Group Order on Buckets??? Anyone interested??

We had a little accident in our studio that has convinced me I need to replace my 5-gallon glaze buckets. While hoisting a bucket filled with a new batch of glaze up to pour it into a 10-gallon container, the handle broke out of the bucket and the glaze spilled everywhere. What a mess! I have concluded that the plastic deteriorates over time with exposure to ultraviolet light, and I want to replace all our 5-gallon buckets as insurance against this ever happening again.

ULINE sells these buckets in 7 colors, but they have to be purchased in lots of 5 for each color. I'd like a mixture of colors. If anyone would like to order any of these we could save on shipping and each of us could get a variety of colors. Obviously these buckets have many other uses besides holding glazes.

The buckets cost $4.69 each, and the lids are $1.40. Both buckets and lids come in orange, black, yellow, blue, red, gray, and green (plus white and "natural," whatever that is).

Please get back to me if you're interested and I'll place the order if we get enough takers. Specify which colors and quantities you want, and whether you want matching lids or not. I'd like to place the order ASAP. 

Jon Ellenbogen 
Barking Spider Pottery

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