Sunday, July 15, 2012

Who is the boss?

Since things are a bit slow on the blog...So I would post my favorite little story. This is from:

But it is an iconic story:

Who is the boss

When the body was first made, all the parts wanted to be the boss.

The brain said, "since I control everything and do all the thinking, I should be the boss."

The feet said, "since I carry man where he wants to go and get him in position to do what the brain wants, then I should be the boss."

The hands said, "since I must do all the work and earn all the money to keep the rest of you going, I should be the boss."

And so it went with the eyes, the heart, the lungs, and all the other parts of the body, each giving the reason why they should be the boss.

Finally, the asshole spoke up and said it was going to be the boss.

All the other parts laughed and laughed at the idea of the asshole being the boss. The asshole got so angry that he blocked himself off and refused to function.

Soon the brain was feverish and could barely think, the feet felt like lead weights and was almost too weak to drag the body anywhere, the eyes grew bleary, and the hands hung useless at the sides. All pleaded with the brain to let the asshole be declared the boss.

Don't like any of their morals so I made up my own.

Moral: If you look down on others and treat them like shit, because you think you are the brains of the operation, be careful, because someday the tables may turn and you may get a lesson from the asshole!  

I think of the story like this-  the heart would be a CEO while the asshole would be the trash man, and the other organs other types of professions. So the CEO might think that they are the best, highest, but try running without the asshole, or the skin or the liver or pancreas, etc. ... So all the workers have value and one is not the best or the highest. And you are often surprised by the contributions of the (percieved) lowest employees.  

I remember the trash strike in New York. It didn't take long to (5 days in 1990 and 4 months in 2006) figure out that you should pay garbage men a living wage or the city will stink!

And now the NFL refree lockout!  Amazing how the owners changed their demands after three games!

I guess that is kind of a socialist mentality, that each worker has value, but we often forget it in America where the CEO's get millions and the trash men get shit.

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