Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shaner Red Recipes

Nan Rothwell Bowl and Pitcher :

Someone was asking for Shaner Red and green glaze recipes- Here are some. These are just slight variations like EPK or Tile -6 for the ball clay and more or less talc or bone ash. Test THIN on porc, stone ware and dark stoneware as well as medium and thick. I think the thin on dark stoneware is the most iconic (rust red with bits of yellow):

Cantrells Red Shaner cone 10
43.16 Custer Feldspar
20.52 Ball Clay
12.67 Whiting
15.20 Talc
  8.45 Bone Ash

Add: 3.58 Red Iron Oxide
                1.69 Rutile
Shaner Red Altered cone 9/10
48.16 Custer Feldspar
22.60  Tile- 6 Kaolin
19.66 Whiting
  3.93 Talc
  3.68 Bone Ash
  1.97 Bentonite

Add: 5.32 Red Iron Oxide
Shaner Red cone 10
43.97 Custer Feldspar
25.86  EPK
17.24  Whiting
  3.45 Talc
  9.48 Bone Ash

Add: 3.45 Red Iron Oxide
                1.29 Rutile
Shaner Green cone 10
46.50 Custer Feldspar
22.10 EPK
18.80 Whiting
  3.50 Talc
  9.10 Bone Ash

Add: 2.9 Copper Carbonate

Remember to use Shaner Red on stoneware  (dark and light) and thin in light reduction – oxidation.

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Thanks for the recipes! Those colors look great!