Monday, August 27, 2012

How Did Penland Go So Wrong?

Hey Clubbers,

Hate to dominate the blog. Can't wait to get back to stupid posts about the best dog in the world. And I have some great jokes for MudFire. But may be too soon, as they say.

I just have to say that I appreciate everyone's support and also everyone who is worried about me being too involved and that is takes a toll on a person. True.

That is kind of you.

I just know that if you see oppression and don't stand up and say THIS IS WRONG, no matter how it turns out, then what good is a calm peaceful life? People have to speak out for things to get better.

None of the current employees can speak for fear of reprisals, no local potters can speak for fear of reprisals, even Cynthia Bringle can't speak. Imagine if she can't stand up for the very workers who keep the clay studio operating....then how can coordinators?

My further question in all this is HOW DID PENLAND GO SO WRONG?  Being operated my greed, lawyers, accountants, fear and reprisals?

Support our cause for a better Penland!  Please ask your friends and family to join.

John Britt Pottery


Marian Parkes said...

You know we're behind you, John. And thanks for the BooBoo fix.

John Britt said...

As they say in Texas- I'm all in on the one!

ArtLeaks said...

In solidarity

Bruce said...

John . . . you're not pulling a Dick Nixon "Checkers" on us now, are you?

Bruce Ciske

John Britt said...

Hell ya, I keeping Boo Boo.