Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For all of you potters out there that unfortunately find themselves with shards...Consider taking a class at Wildacres Retreat October 1-5 with Pam Brewer.  The Magic and Mystery of Mosaic will give you the information that will allow you to take the perceived refuse of our craft and create a new kind of masterpiece.  While Cynthia Bringle is teaching an act of creating ceramics downstairs, I will be teaching how to break and reassemble ceramics upstairs.  You will be guaranteed a unique experience and the ability to go home and embellish your surroundings with your work in an entirely new way.  Or, perhaps, you know someone, confusing as it may seem, who has been drooling over your shards and would appreciate the opportunity to put them to use. 
I know that we work very hard to create the perfect pot.  And it may seem difficult to see value in it broken.  But I can assure you, to me they are rich a shard at a time.  I would guess that Antonio Gaudi would have agreed.
For further information, just contact me at pambrewercreates@yahoo.com

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