Sunday, August 26, 2012

online discussions about Penland labor practices allegations

For those following the situation with the allegations about Penland School of Crafts labor practices, there are good discussions happening on the clayart listserv and the Ceramic Arts Daily education forum.

If you don't subscribe to the clayart listserv, you can read posts on yahoo groups or There are several threads on this, including "boycott," "penland - no harm no foul," "penland boycott" and "penland story, time to move on." (Personally I find the site easier to read, but it can lag a little (often by just a few hours) in posting. I think yahoo groups is more current.)

If you want to submit a post to clayart, you need to subscribe. You can do that here.

The Ceramic Arts Daily forum discussion is here.

If there are other discussions happening, I hope folks will share the links.

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