Friday, August 24, 2012

Penland Boycott John Britt's Response 1 of 2

Penland Response 1

First, it is nice to see Penland is abandoning the lie that -it paid artists going three years back.

The fact that they only paid two years at best is in this link:

A different story than I have in a threatening letter their lawyer sent to me, where he said they paid three years. Also, the future board chair told me the same talking points. Three years.  

Hope no one at Penland lied to them?!  

Not good to lie to your future Board Chair. When they have to write it publically, funny how things change.

Second,  I sent Penland the name of a person and a letter stating that they were not paid and would accept a generous settlement. Funny how if you tell people – they know. If you lie and keep it all quiet then it is funny how no one knows to come forward. 

Response 2 in another post.

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