Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pottery Wheel for Sale SOLD!!!

Vintage 1960  Leo McNeal wheel: A machinist in the airplane industry made these wheels for Wayne State U. in Detroit Mich.  Several potters in Michigan, including John Glick, Julie, and I purchased wheels directly from McNeal.  Julie's wheel was made a little smaller to fit her leg size. Her wheel has been sold.

Of historical interest: When Michael Cardew visited Wayne State in the mid 60's he threw a screw top bottle on the McNeal wheel . We still have the screw top bottle.

Solidly build oak construction, high quality craftsmanship. 
100 lb flywheel.
Smooth action treadle.
Stand or sit. 
Built-in tool box.
Copied from Leach wheel.
Plaster bats and key available with purchase.

Next door to the sweet-smelling scenic sewage treatment plant.  Please call ahead.

Asking SOLD

Contact xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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