Monday, January 14, 2013

Arrowmont Ceramic Surface Symposium

On Sunday morning, Arrowmont’s Program Director, Bill Griffith, welcomed a group of eighteen ceramic artists to the Second Annual Ceramic Surface Forum. 

Current Artist-in-Residence, Jason Burnett, introduced this forum for the first time last year as a platform for early-, mid- and seasoned-career artists to take a break from their normal studio life and come together for a week. The function of the forum is to be a creative retreat for individual growth as well as to strengthen and build relationships within the ceramic field. 

The daily structure begins with slide presentations each morning followed by a day in the studio to evolve according to the participants and may include everything from focused work time to conversation to impromptu demos to collaborations.
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Here's some photos from the Symposium. More to come soon........

 Lana Wilson applies underglazes & sgrafitto on a soft slab, then rolls the slab (w/newspaper between slab & rolling pin) to stretch the slab and distort the surface decoration.  

 Emily Reason's Fighting Mantis Bottle
 Beth Kendall's, slip-made slab on plaster
 varieties of whiskey. free for sampling on the stirp!
 Alex Irvine as a bobble- head
from the Foothills Parkway, January 11 and 72 degrees!

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