Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clay Olympics at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts-January 9, 2013 Clay Club

The Clay Olympics were AWESOME!  For real....Best Clay Club ever!!!

We had a great time and I want to thank Brian at Odyssey for hosting, Mellie for getting the venue together, Gabriel for being totally in on the events, All THE PARTICIPANTS who made the fun possible (Joey and Bily who were first to agree!, Josh, Mellie, Mary Jane and Mariana, Doc , Steve, many others to numerous to mention, etc...)

Special thanks to Dr. Tish and Melissa Watkins who donated the substantial cash prizes!!! which took things to a new level.

Also Tria, Marian, Lori, John and all those who helped behind the scenes with encouragement and ideas.

Special thanks to Shelia, Brian and Linda for being the JUDGES and enduring the stress of handing our actual money.

Thanks to Sheila for publically exposing my inability to write rules....REPEATEDLY ... all night long. Did I say repeatedly?

Thanks to Rob Withrow for supporting one of the best events, THE FACE JUG COMPETITION, by traveling up from JC Campbell area and also throwing and bringing the jug blanks and authentic teeth! We couldn't have done it without him and his Tie Dye!

Also, thanks to Henry and Mary for donating great prizes which included Will and Douglass pots and other assorted goodies. We will miss them when they move!

Here are some photos .....

Nathan Nuefeld won the Coil Building!

Joey Sheehan and Mandy (last name ?)won the Team Throwing!

Molly Poore won the Face Jug!

and last but not least The Fastest Thrower went to Gabriel Kline as well as the Blindfold Throwing but the BEST THROWER IN WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA went to Josh Copus .  (We blame Alex for not showing up and now we have to listing to Josh brag for an entire year and he only won by 1/4"! )

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