Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Resident NEEDED immediately!!!

Hello all,

I am in desperate need for a resident at Natchez Clay, MS. My last one got pregnant and had to go home to Florida, and we have been struggling for about 6 months. I work a full time job, so my resident is very important. We haven't paid the resident in the past, but I would be willing to pay for the right person. I have lost my 2 teachers, so they would need to be able to teach wheel and hand building classes as well as kids classes. Personality is a big factor, because they are truly the heart of the studio when I can't be there.

We are on the verge of closing if I don't find someone soon. If the right person comes along, I would be willing to give them my half of the business (retaining ownership of the equipment if it had to be sold in the future). That's how bad I want it to continue, but I can't do it myself anymore.

If you know anyone who is qualified, please ask them to contact me right away. We have our Empty Bowls event in February, and if I don't find someone by then it might be curtains for Natchez Clay. It breaks my heart :-(. I would appreciate you passing this email on to anyone who might be interested.


Donna K. Jones

Natchez Clay LLC
101 Clifton Avenue
Natchez, MS 39120


Anna said...

sharing to the Ceramics Community Noticeboard on Facebook, good luck.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find someone! It's terrible when a creative business struggles to stay afloat. If I could leave my family I would come and help out!

Have you thought of asking for temporary people to fill in until you find a permanent person? I might be able to fill in in April when my class is over.

Best of luck!

Andrea Tembreull