Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Notes on Creativity

Our conscious thoughts, wishes and fears are largely based upon what should have been; it seems to be the way we are conditioned. As a result we are mainly involved in a problem-solving cycle. Creativity in its core is not a problem solving driven attitude. Creativity is based on embracing opportunities that are beyond the projected outcome. This distinguishes creation from production.

Creativity is driven by the notion of not knowing and based on the understanding that the process
between an idea and projected outcome is not just a bothersome phase to achieve results.
It is based upon the understanding that the process of making, thinking, researching bears meaning. Understanding that ‘mistakes’ can be valuable sources as they clearly reflect our assumptions. Our thoughts, wishes and fears are driven by assumptions. By allowing a dialogue (as opposed to discussion or monologue!) with what surrounds us and what is in us, our thoughts, wishes and fears can serve as a mirror to detect our assumptions. Creation thrives if we are willing to be in dialogue
with what surrounds us and what is in us.

The production of man-made things makes consumption possible. But before a thing can be produced it has to be created. Creation is therefore a vital entity in society. A society that focuses only on production and consumption is decadent and will become insignificant in time.

Anton Reijnders
-Transcribed on 10-6-2009 from


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