Thursday, February 14, 2019

Downtown Welcome Table plate-decorating opportunity and Empty Bowl clay available

I shared these two announcements from Lori Theriault of the Village Potters at Clay Club last night - they're pretty lengthy so I wanted to share the details again here.

Contact Lori at


I am working on a project for Downtown Welcome Table (soup kitchen that serves 800+ meals) - they want to upgrade their commercial plates to handmade, and I'm working with East Fork Pottery to make the plates to fit their system of service/storage. Laguna Clay is donating the clay for this - East Fork Pottery is ram-pressing the plates (cone 10, Laguna 850 clay), and bisque-firing them. I'll be looking for potters, individually, by the group, and /or by the school, to volunteer to glaze and fire the plates - anyway they want, as long as it's cone 10/vitrified. There's not really a timeline on this - East Fork has already made and donated 500 plates, our part will make another 500. Anyone interested can contact me for info - the plates aren't pressed/fired yet, but will be in the next month or two I think, and then I'll have them to give out for glazing and firing.


So Laguna very generously donated 1000 pounds of clay for the above, but it needed to be mixed to a certain moisture content for ram press - this meant they had to mix a minimum 2000 pounds. So I wrote another donation request for Empty Bowls, and while we didn't quite get a full palette, I have 900 pounds of donated clay for Empty Bowls. This clay is VERY firm, as it's mixed for ram press, but I've slabbed some to test, and (with a good, strong slab roller), it rolls to the perfect consistency for slump/drape molds. Overly ambitious potters may want to try to throw it, but it's FIRM. But as I said, I did my test slabbing, and depending on the size of the bowl mold, I expect 18-24 bowls per bag. Any potter who would like to request clay for an EMPTY BOWLS event (could be the Avl event in September, the Dig In event - any event as long as it's Empty Bowls), they can contact me. About 500 pounds is already spoken for, possibly more, but I can designate at least 250 to the first takers - in 25# increments if desired.

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