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Spring Class Lineup for Odyssey Clayworks

Spring 2019 Class Descriptions
Odyssey Clayworks
Asheville, NC

Spring Session
March 18-May 11, 2019

Find Your Way With Clay

Kristen Easters

Mondays 6:30-9pm
March 18-May 6

Totally new to clay? Or have you tried it out, got hooked, and can’t wait for more? In this entry-level class, we will approach making with a meditative and intentional, but lighthearted and fun mindset. We will cover all the technical basics of wheel throwing and learn to make a variety of functional forms including bowls, mugs, vases and more. We will explore several different surface design techniques to guide students in discovering new aesthetic possibilities. During the last couple weeks, we will discuss glazing and firing the work to add dynamic finishing touches.

Level: Beginner and Seasoned Beginner
Tuition: $295 + $45 Lab Fee

Illustrated Layers and Handbuilt Containers

Lynne Hobaica

Tuesdays 11am-1:30pm
March 19-May 7

Join “decorated” instructor Lynne Hobaica for a fantastic exploration of surface decoration on handbuilt lidded containers. We will spend time making our forms then decorate the containers by building up layers of colorful underglazes, slips and glazes. We will carve into the clay and discuss where you can find inspiration for drawings, pattern, and design.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Good Forms, Good Firing: Making Pots For The Reduction Kiln

Gillan Doty

Tuesdays 3-5:30pm

March 19-May 7

Come experience the excitement of Cone 10 firing! This class will be geared towards making more intricate forms on the potter’s wheel intended for the reduction kiln. Building on student’s basic wheel throwing knowledge, we will explore more complicated techniques, including stacking pieces together to create taller, more intriguing pots. Students will gain insight into the Cone 10 glaze firing and will assist in firing the gas kiln.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $65 Lab Fee

Let’s Get Plastered:
Introduction To Plaster Mold Making

Tyler-James Anderson

Tuesdays 6:30-9pm

March 19-May 7

Let's Get Plastered is a mold making class for beginner to intermediate students who would like to learn new ways of creating with clay. In this class we will make and utilize mold systems to produce beautifully replicable results. While we will focus heavily on plaster casting, there will also be demonstrations on how to use our molds to create lovely, crisp finished work.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Under The Glaze: Scratching The Surface

Sara Ballek

Wednesdays 6:30-9pm

March 20-May 8

Discover how to personalize your work with decorative techniques that will give each piece a unique finish! Using a rich clay body, along with colorful underglazes, and slips, we will explore the ways of how to control and enhance what happens under the final glazing process. During this session, the work made will be fired at different mid-range temperatures to reveal the beautiful reds and browns in the clay body along with the vibrancy of the decorating colors. We will discuss how to maintain different clay consistencies to accomplish various surface techniques. This class will allow students to be flexible in forming their work through hand building and/or wheel throwing. We will treat each piece as a canvas to explore what can happen under the glaze.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $50 Lab Fee

Scaling Up: Creating Larger Sculptures

Mac McCusker

Thursdays 11am-1:30pm

March 21-May 9

Let's scale up your ceramic sculptures! Come learn basic sculptural techniques (building solid, using slabs and coils) and combine these skills to make larger creations. Ever make a sculpture the size of the kiln? We dare you to try! Make work up to 24 inches tall and 27 inches wide. This class is going to be challenging and loads of fun!

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $65 Lab Fee

Beginner Wheel Throwing

Laurie Caffery Harris & Nich Daunis

Saturdays 10am-12:30pm

March 23-May 11

Have you never used the wheel before or are you looking to improve your throwing skills? This is the class for you! We will explore fundamental forms for functional pottery including cups, mugs, and bowls. While focusing on growth on the potter’s wheel, students will also be given creative freedom to have fun and explore new ideas. Classes will include demonstrations, group exercises, and one-on-one guidance. Expect to get messy, be challenged and leave with a new skill set!

Level: Beginner and Seasoned Beginner

Tuition: $295 + $45 Lab Fee

Ready, Set, Throw! One Night Pottery Classes

Kelsey Sickmeyer & Cayce Kolstad

#3 Friday, March 29, 7-9pm
#4 Friday, April 19, 7-9pm
#5 Friday, May 10, 7-9pm
#6 Friday, May 31, 7-9pm

Ever wanted to try your hand at the pottery wheel? Have you always wanted to learn to throw but you’re not sure if you want to commit to an 8-week class? Or maybe you and some friends are just looking for something different to do in Asheville on a Friday night. Well, look no further. Ready, Set, Throw is here!
Even if you’ve never touched clay before, our highly skilled staff will guide you through the entire process. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun! All ages and skill levels are welcome.
Level: All Levels, Beginners Welcome
Tuition: $55 Per person, per night

Youth Classes:

Teen After School Ceramics

Ages 13-18

Alyssa Ruberto

Mondays 4-6pm

March 25-April 29

Do you know nothing about clay, but always wanted to try? Join us! Do you already take pottery class in school? Here’s two more hours of every week where you can practice those skills while learning new ones without the pressures of getting graded. Come make with us! You’ll meet students from other local schools while you get your hands dirty on your own clay creations. We will learn basic hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques that you can use to create amazing works of art.

Tuition: $225

Kids Class:

It’s Wheely Fun!

Ages 8-12

Halima Flynt

Thursdays 4-6pm

April 4-May 9

Learn to throw on the potter’s wheel in this super fun 6-week class for beginners. Students will learn how to make all kinds of cups, bowls, plates and more. You will leave feeling the confidence to create beautiful artwork in the studio!

Tuition $225

Weekend Workshops

Introduction To Copper Metal Clay

Barbara McGuire

April 6-7

Saturday-Sunday 1-5pm

Discover Copper Metal Clay and the dynamics of adding metal to your work. This beginning class will cover the basics in a demo/workshop format. You will create earrings, charms and adornments in your personal style. Bring your hand sculpting skills to create a classic tree of life medallion.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $250 + $50 Lab Fee

Looking Into The Heart Of The Matter: Making Space With Kurinuki

Shinara Taylor

April 27
Saturday 1-4:30pm

Slow down and relax in this afternoon kurinuki workshop. Enjoy the simple, nuanced Japanese technique of carving cups, bowls, and jars out of solid blocks of clay. An introduction to creating surface textures and alterations will be provided. Participants will finish with up to four unglazed pieces fired to cone 6 (optional).

Level: All Levels

Tuition: $85, No Lab Fee

Raku Magic

Paul Gisondo

Saturday, May 18, 9:30am-4:30pm

Experience the drama, amazement and instant gratification of Raku in this one-day firing workshop. Bring up to 5 bisque fired pieces (vertically oriented vase and cylinder forms up to 12 inches in height preferred). We will glaze the pieces using a variety of crackle, iridescent luster and matte glazes and fire the work outdoors in our Raku kiln. Pieces will be removed from the red-hot kiln and quickly transferred into ash cans lined with flammable materials. Participants will go home the same day with dramatically transformed, finished work! 

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $115 + $25 Lab Fee

5-Day Workshop

Amazing Glaze

Gabriel Kline

Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm
May 20-24

Do you hate glazing? I mean, do you really HATE glazing? Have you experienced the frustration of making a beautiful piece, then ruining it with a flawed, or perhaps worse, boring glaze? Would you rather spend your time doing just about ANYTHING else, even cleaning your studio? Then this is the workshop for you! Join best-selling author of the book, Amazing Glaze, Gabriel as he demystifies the techniques that will help you learn to love the glazing process, achieve more dynamic results, and get your work noticed. Topics will include under and overglaze decoration, glazing large and delicate work, spraying glazes, and multiple firings. We will also examine the basics of formulating, mixing, or altering a glaze.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Tuition: $595 + $75 Lab Fee, Includes a copy of the book Amazing Glaze.

Hand Building with Templates and Models

Eric Knoche

5-Day Workshop
 Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm
August 19-23

In this workshop we will combine simple hand building techniques such as pinching, coiling, modeling and slab construction with the use of models and several different kinds of templates. Emphasis will be placed on gaining a deeper understanding of the clay itself, establishing a paradigm of creative problem solving and developing a personal set of integrated building methods that accomplishes each students’ artistic goals.

Level: All Levels

Tuition: $595 + $50 Lab Fee

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