Friday, February 8, 2019

Slab roller and Talisman Rotary Sieve for sale in Seagrove, North Carolina

***2/8/19 update: the sieve has been sold***

40" BAILEY ELECTRIC SLAB ROLLER, LONG TABLE, EXTRA CANVAS, EXTRA TABLE $1800 (New this is $3600 "on sale" at plus shipping)
We are closing our studio because of arthritis. This slab roller is in great condition. You will be amazed at the time saved in not having to reprocess clay due to the width of this slab roller. I take a 25lb bag of clay, "throw" it into a thick slab and process it through the Bailey to create a very large, uniform slab and very little unused clay. 12ft long total work surface.
Cady Clay Works Beth Gore 910 464 5661

We are closing our studio due to arthritis. These sieves are in great condition:

+ TALISMAN STUDIO SIEVE (same screens fit in both sieves)
100m screen
80m screen
All $125
The Talisman Rotary Sieve has a rigid plastic body, interchangeable stainless steel screens, crank handle attached to 3 replaceable nylon brushes that sweep the ingredients through the screen.
Top dia 16", bottom dia 8.5", 6" deep - meant to fit a 3 - 5 gallon bucket. With bracing I use this on my 32-gallon-trash-can-glaze-buckets.
Works on liquid or dry materials.
CADY CLAY WORKS Beth Gore 910-464-5661

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