Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Architectural Digest profile of East Fork Pottery

Thanks to Gail Stockdale for sharing this Architectural Digest article about East Fork Pottery (ahead of East Fork hosting Clay Club on March 13th)!

Here's the start of the article:

There are probably few 21st-century business owners who can say that the spiritual foundation for their factory is based on the utopian thinking of William Morris and John Ruskin—artists and theorists who believed that craft should come before quantity, that art should be affordable and handmade, and that where you make a thing should be as important as the thing you’re making. But for married couple Connie and Alex Matisse, this idealistic philosophy is a large part of why their East Fork Pottery has been wildly successful. “Our company serves our employees and community as much as our customers,” says Connie. “Making pottery won’t necessarily be in our mission, but it’s what we do to support our mission,” adds Alex.

That sincerity has struck a deep chord among East Fork’s clientele, allowing the Asheville, North Carolina–based company to open two new retail stores (one locally; one in Atlanta) in the past year, and it’s why the company’s Instagram account—featuring mostly dinnerware—has more than 70,000 followers. It sells 5,000 pieces of pottery every month.

– Laura Raskin, writing for Architectural Digest

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