Friday, January 7, 2022

Clay Club in 2022: February Clay Club with John Britt + a call for hosts

Happy New Year, Clubbers! John Britt and I have been talking and here's our thinking for moving forward and getting our meetings going again:

February Clay Club: John will be organizing a participatory Gold Shino firing for February Clay Club. Look for more details about that soon. (Thank you, John!)

For meetings after February, we're reaching out to all of you and asking that you (individually or in small groups) consider volunteering to organize and host a meeting. This could be online like our October meeting or in person, depending on what's going with COVID-19 and host preferences. I know there is a lot of interest in getting our meetings started again; here's your chance to organize and host a meeting on a topic of your choice! Let me know if you're interested in doing this.

I hope everyone's 2022 is starting out well despite Omicron. I look forward to hearing from you!

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