Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Dry materials for sale

Glaze materials for sale:

G-200, Whting, Dolomite, Minspar, Neph. Syenite, EPK, Gerst. Borate, Redart, Tenn Ball, OM 4, Poneer Talc, Frits: 3195,3134, Golleg, Glamas, Silica 200, zircopax, Tile  6, Newman's Red, Sp Red Iron, Strontium Carb, Titanium Diox., Zinc Ox., Synth. Bone Ash, Lithium Carb., Alum. Hydrate, Bentonite, Soda Ash

Total Value at Highwater at the per # price: $426.

Highwater discounts materials 42% per 100#

Our price for the lot at our 50% plus discount: $200.00, cash only, you pick up (in Weaverville)

No partial sales.

All materials are in containers.

Mikpo Pottery

Henry Pope & Mary Mikkelsen

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