Wednesday, January 12, 2022

February Clay Club with John Britt

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to offer a Free Glaze firing for the February Clay Club.  Not sure how to work out the timing because of my schedule and so it may not occur on the traditional second Wednesday in February but sometime that we agree on. 

First, I thought what we could do is to see who is interested. So reply to me at  If no one is interested then that will save a lot of time and trouble. So if you are not interested, stop reading. 😀

Once I know how many are interested we can decide on how much space each person gets in the kiln. (I am assuming about half a kiln shelf. So that is a 12" x 12" x 5" high.) You can map this out yourself on a table and be sure not to have things going over the edge of the kiln shelf otherwise all the work won't fit because you can't overhang everything when stacking. Basically this means 6 -10 ea. small  tea bowls or cups. 

Then remember that it has to be cone 10 clay, Helios porcelain or some porcelain for best results but you can also use white stoneware and the third choice would be dark stoneware but I don't recommend it. You must bisque fire your teabowls and cups prior to glazing.

For the Glazing - there are two ways: 

1. You can come here and I will have a selection of glazes and samples of what those glazes  might look like. I can set the buckets up outside in the kiln yard so no one gets Covid. We can stagger the times so there isn't a crowd. Then I will load and fire after things dry.

2. Or I can send you the recipes and you can make the glaze the cups/tea bowls at home. I can make a video showing how I glaze, the thicknesses, applying fireplace ash, layering, etc. Then all you have to do is deliver the cups to my studio and you can leave them in the kiln yard and I will load and fire them.This way we don't have to worry about getting Covid. 

Here are 2 videos of what things may look like:  

What I will do when we get folks to sign up is to type out a schedule for being done making/bisque firing and glazing and then schedule the Glaze Firing. Then I can make a video of the results and then you can pick up your pieces. I can then do a ZOOM meeting..or if the Covid surge dies down and it is warm we can meet at my studio in the kiln yard (outside) and discuss things. 

So lots of things are up in the air but we will give it a try.

After 2 years Amy and many others want to try to get things rolling again so this is my proposal to do that. Let me know what you think.

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