Cone 6 semi-transparent white glaze

I'm looking for an opalescent semi-transparent white glaze that will show underglaze colors through it. Amaco has an 05, but I need cone 6. Any suggestions?


Dottie Baker said…
I know AppState's Craft Enrichment Program has one, although I don't know the recipe. But Nathan Fields, the studio tech, would have the recipe. I don't know how semi-transparent you want it, but the one they have is pretty transparent. If what you want is more semi than this one, just add a little tin oxide or titanium oxide up to about 5 or 6%. But know that this may mask the opalescence. His contact info is Just ask him for the recipe for the Clear glaze. Or, if he doesn't respond for some reason, just take any clear glaze recipe that contains no boron and add it to it. You can get boron from Gerstley Borate. Start small(about 5%) and go up from there. Good Luck!