Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gas Kiln for Sale - Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara, California

I am now asking $750 for my updraft 12 cubic foot Olsen updraft kiln. If it
doesn't sell by Oct 15, will take highest bid, whatever it is. Offer
includes 8 12x24 shelves, more posts 5" and up than I ever needed. Best to
take apart and re-assemble on site. 48" x 46" x 65" Nice kiln, would keep it
but am too old to begin to fill it up!

Lesley Alexander 



Linda Starr said...

Try the Ventura County Potter's Guild

and see if you can post on Southern California Potters blog

Susanna said...

Hi Lesley,
Please contact me regarding your kiln for sale. I so-direct a fledgling arts and ecology center and it may be perfect for us.
Thanks so much.