Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seeing cones in the kiln

If you are having trouble seeing cones in your kiln as it fires, try shining in this flashlight beam and you will be pleasantly surprised that the entire kiln is suddenly visible with 1,000,000 lumens blasting on it.


Newfoundout Potter said...

Been there done that! But don't get the cheapo kind from China as I did. The rechargeable batteries never did hold their charge very long nor did they recharge and replacements cost almost as much as the initial 70% off cost. It really is amazing - but not as amazing as when I was firing in March one year and around 4 o'clock the sun shone directly into the peep hole and the inside was as bright as day light. Now I know how the Druids felt at Stonehenge.

John Britt said...

I will work on the solar alignment. That is the "green" way!