Friday, July 22, 2011

Studio Potter Summer Issue v39 N2

The Studio Potter Summer/Fall Issue on FAILURE is out! Surprise, surprise, western NC is well represented.  There are articles by our newest resident "failure" - Rachael Garceau, and long time "failure", Sue Grier, John Britt and the king of all "failure" Terry Gess.  Check it out!

Here is an exert from my article:

"The Nature of Ceramics is Disappointment"

"When I was working at Penland, a veteran student wrote on her evaluation of a particular ceramics class, “I know that the nature of ceramics is disappointment, but this class took that to a new level.” I have often thought of this statement and what confounded me most was that in spite of her disappointment she kept coming back time after time! It seems to me that the real nature of ceramics is optimism in the face of unrelenting failure. In this rephrasing, we shift our perception, work with the inevitable mistakes and persevere because we love the work. "


The Baby's Daddy said...

Hm, I never got a comment that deep or philosophical. All I ever had were big, block letters, scrawled in crayon, begging for more bacon.

John Britt said...

Yea, and beer.