Monday, July 4, 2011

Shaunna Lyons and Susan Feagin Show

Saddle in an Old Barn - Richard Oversmith

Shaunna and Susan are having a show at the Burnsville Gallery in North Carolina.

There is more information on the TRAC page:

but here is an exert:

“My recent work is hand-built vessels that are meant to be cheerful, lively, and colorful,” she says. Fellow potter John Britt once cautioned other potters about Susan’s work (with tongue in cheek drollery): “Never have your artwork too close to Feagin’s in a show. Viewers will walk by your table and then will be drawn like a magnet to her work. They won’t give your table the time of day.” The Birds and Words show will prove an exception to his caveat, however, for Shaunna Lyon’s pieces provide a perfect counterpoint to those of Susan.

Check it out!

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