Monday, July 4, 2011

Studio Closing/ SALE, SALE, SALE...

Stuff For Sale:

Custom made wedgining table. If anyone has seen the ones in HCC....  the same blueprints were used to build this table. Sturdy as a rock, built with 2x4's and about 7 coats of varnish. 4" thick plaster covered with heavy canvas, 2 cutting wires. One of the wires gets the pots right off the bat. The other diagonal for wedging.Open storage under the table and I'll sweeten the deal with 2 custom made drying bats one for white clay and one for other clay.....
$350 --obo.

Custom built portable Raku' Kiln fired only twice I'll add my 40lb. tank with that for... $700--obo.

Skutt 1027, 3 phase 220 .....NEVER been fired.... All the furniture (shelves and posts)... stand and for under the stand 2" tiles.....$2,000--obo.

Brent  CXC (only used about 30 times) $1,000--obo.

Left Handed Giffin Grip.........$75.00--obo.

North Star 4" extruder with 28 shapes........ $200--  SOLD

Asst. tools you'd have to come and see them
Sieves  40, 60 and 80 mesh two sizes..... med.$12.00... and large $17.00
I have some chemicals which I'd have to go over and weigh, but I have them.
Many different size and shaped stamps..... again to be seen.
Bats all sizes and shapes and made of  different materials
This is Monday afternoon, July 4th, 2011, and I am thrilled that many of you have written to me. I also want to thank you for you sympathies. It's nice to know that you understand my terrible sadness at selling off what is so dear to me. At least now when my eyes well up I know that I am understood.

The reason I'm writing this little note is to let you know that I've had 2 storage units for years. One of them I emptied last week and had a 2 day yard sale. The second is the newer one that and holds all these precious things. Well, not all but a good many of them. I have REALLY hurt my back trying to do all this and as of today I am going to try and NOT do anything for 3 days. I got on this computer so I could address this as I didn't want any of you to think I was ignoring them.
 If I don't get right back to you PLEASE, understand that I'm not ignoring you, or taking any kind  things you write to me for granted.

I appreciate you all!!!

You'll hear from me very soon!!!!
THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!  Make me an offer!!!

Linda Falcone

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