Monday, July 4, 2011

Hilarious Job Posting

This post is a bit off the beaten track but I laughed so hard at this job posting that came from a Buddhist Center. Nothing against them.... but it was soooo funny.

In case you don't want to read it all, I will excerpt parts:

“Staff position at Rigdzin Ling: Kitchen Assistant
Rigdzin Ling has one staff position open for a dedicated volunteer as kitchen assistant. The work is six days a week, eleven months a year, and it is demanding both physically and in terms of taming your own mind. Renee McClain, the kitchen manager who will train and supervise you is renowned for being stern but kind—some people have left her and become professional chefs; some have simply left.

Food preparation presently involves a rotation of cooks, so you will need to work under a rotation of personalities. With Renee’s approval, you may eventually join that rotation, but you should arrive as a prep cook and be prepared to remain a prep cook for an indefinite period.

 Hard work, long hours, subordinate position, no pay….. 

The work is hard, outer and inner. The rewards, priceless....”

The sheer audacity is beautiful! That is for a volunteer position and they have multiple interviews and a probation period!!! *

Now, not to be disrespectful...but that sounds like about any minimum wage job in America, with one caveat, the boss isn’t fair or kind, so you may reach enlightenment faster on the outside! (Just in case you are not a low level worker and it isn't obvious, getting minimum wage with no insurance, is tantamount to volunteering because you spend all your $15,000 on housing, food, clothing, transportation, not to mention student loans, medicine, etc.) On second thought, there are plenty of arts organizations (not mentioning names), that could save some time, by rewording that announcement and posting it on their website.

What I get from this is that I have not spent a lifetime been oppressed by subordinate positions, long hard hours, no pay,  6 days a week, 11 months without vacation, etc. but, in fact, I have, in fact gifted with priceless rewards!  

Hope they are not like my airlines rewards- impossible to redeem!

*(Someone is being “gifted” by this employment arrangement – and I am guessing it is probably the center.)

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