Chromium Oxide

I have a question...., is there a difference between Green Chrome Oxide and Chromium Oxide? I'm ready to do some test tiles (trying to get a burgundy or cranberry like color). The recipe calls for Chromium Oxide. I have some Green Chrome Oxide in stock and Highwater said they don't carry Chromium Oxide/don't know what that is, so I starts thinkin' to myself that these two might, in fact, be the same thing. (This wouldn't be the first time that this kind of thinking has led me astray, so I thought I'd ask!)


Kelly Kessler said…
The only form of chrome oxide I've encountered in ceramics recipes is Cr2O3 - AKA chromium (III) oxide. It's always green, although the green may vary. Maybe using the molecular nomenclature (Cr2O3) will help you and your supplier clarify which form you need.

(I offer this as a jumping off point - maybe someone more knowledgeable will jump in.)
Blaine M. Avery said…
Green chromium Oxide is the form of Chrome used in most glazes. It is the correct form used to achieve a burgundy or cranberry with the presence of Tin in the glaze. Hope this helps!
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