Geek jokes


Priscilla Dahl said…
I am hoping to hear some good ideas for my kiln rebuilding project, and I think this might be the right place. I am rebuilding a soft brick, propane, catenary arch kiln but my problem is the door design. In the past I have had a free standing door frame and I have stacked bricks into the doorway. I've seen bricks mortared together into larger units and stacked into the doorway. Any other good ideas? I don't want any brick dust in the kiln!
Thanks & I enjoy the blog and would enjoy the meetings but I live a little too far away to drive for the week night meetings. Thanks again,
John Britt said…
Priscilla, Made the question a new post or no one will see it. You have to watch since I don't have your email to post.
John Britt said…
Priscilla, ever posted on clayart?
This here is a one smart feline! LOL! He looks so cute and cuddly and geeky. I bet he has tons of knowledge about everything. Haha! I wish that cat belonged to me. I'm no good at chemistry, and I can definitely use his help. Hmmm..I wonder if he's good in electronics. LOL!