Glaze Class at J.C. Campbell 2012

If you ever wanted to take a class to finally understand something about glazes and materials or firing this is the one for you!  
(We are doing cone 6 reduction and oxidation as well as cone 10 reduction and low fire.)  

Give your self the present of knowledge'll be happy you did!

Glazing Materials and Firing Made Simple

January 22-27, 2012 (Sunday-Friday Session)
Advanced Week
Instructor: John Britt

Intermediate to advanced potters-expand your skills through his overview of ceramic glazes. Discussion of cones, kilns, firing dynamics and principles, as well as applying those principles to various firing cycles will be our focus. We’ll mix glazes and do color and line blends for cone 10 reduction, cone 6 oxidation and reduction, and cone 05 electric. Firing will be done on studio test tiles and also on bisque-fired mugs/cups that may be brought from home.

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